The Future of Corona

In China Mainland, Corona Pandemic emerged and contracted on end of December 2019. The pandemic hurried up to spread other countries, especially to Europe. In Indonesia, we started to face Corona on middle of March 2020. Until today, Indonesia already faced it for seven months.

In China the pandemic already calmed down. People don’t dare it. Others countries still struggle against Covid-19. We must still be careful. In Indonesia, starting November 2020, the first phase of vaccine injection will be carried out. Starting from medical personnel and those who are at the forefront of the fighting the pandemic.

How will the future of Corona be? In present and future people must not be panic and fear. That condition is detrimental to the health of each of us. We need to keep taking prevented steps: masks, keep physic and social distance, avoid crowds.

If you get infected too, calmly face the Covid-19 virus. By maintaining body immunity and eating and drinking properly, it will slowly heal too. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any deaths from Corona. In general, death due to Corona, especially because the infected person already has other diseases such as respiratory diseases, diabetes, heart disease and high blood preasure.

How are we going to react to the Corona virus? Apart from the help of vaccine, one day there may or may not be a cure. Over time we will get used to this new pneumonia.

Because now it is a new disease, the Corona virus is poorly understood. We only have a little knowledge about it. But in the future, Covid-19 will be seen as be liking influenza or others. Everyone will face it calmly. Stay active, take care of the people around you! Work and eat properly! The body will fight Corona virus and defeat it. Immunity will be formed naturally.

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