Food Diversification

By Hali

The majority of Indonesia’s population consumes rice. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, three meals have to have rice. Rice is the main source of food for Indonesia.

Rice becomes a source of carbohydrates. Rice is the staple food of our society. There is no day without rice. Maybe this is a suitable sembohyan.

This condition should not be tolerated. Efforts toward food diversification have long been encouraged. The result is not much. Rice is still the main choice for three meals a day.

Actually, there are many other food sources in Indonesia. For example: cassava, corn, sago, yams, sticky rice, taro, bentul, and even breadfruit. This list can still be extended. Nusantara is rich in varieties and tubers.

We can arrange staple foods three times a day. We just pay attention to the source of carbohydrates. Breakfast cassava, lunch rice, dinner corn. Breakfast glutinous, lunch rice, dinner rice. Breakfast sweet potato, lunch taro, dinner rice. Please arrange food for your family! It only changes staple foods. Meanwhile, vegetables, fruit, meat need to be in the daily diet, especially for lunch and dinner.

The more successful you diversify, the richer your food will be. Diversification will provide a complete variety of nutritional content. Diversification will also make food variety delicious.

In addition, diversification increases food security. We don’t need to just depend on rice. We can develop local food sources.

Let each of us start moving! Let’s promote food diversification! Make a variety of staples for you and your family! Start with your breakfast!


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