Three Waves of Corona

By Hali

In some Westerns countries, the Pandemic of Coronavirus has not been controlled well. Until now, the transmission rate still very high every day. Because of that, some countries locked down again.

We can overlook these three waves. We could learn and reflect on some things from Western countries.

The first wave happened in early 2020. In the first wave, many people in Spain, Italy, and the USA, also Iran, were infected by Covid-19. All People and medical personals have no knowledge about this Coronavirus and this new Pneumonia. The world became afraid about that.

The second wave happened from August to September 2020. It all happened in the Fall season in Western countries. Many people will be out of home, meeting friends and celebrating some holidays. With these backgrounds, people themselves will not be restricted from doing health protocols again. In fact, they ignored health protocols.

Now the third wave starts to have happened in march 2021. Some variants of Coronavirus were founded in some countries. These variants are not more dangerous, but they are easier to infected. In some countries, people are over-confidence with vaccines for Coronavirus. In fact, vaccines have side effects for a few people. Some countries stopped the injection of vaccines as soon. In these situations, many are infected by Coronavirus.

From the first wave, we could learn about lack of knowledge. In that situation, we only depend on common knowledge of medicals and common senses. We could keep our own innate immunity by doing healthy life style. From the second wave, we could learn the lack of restrictions. In that situation, we must be very careful and no saggy with infected Coronavirus. In the third wave, we could learn about over-confidence. Vaccines are only one of the ways to attack infected. Many other ways we must do it to attack infected of Coronavirus.

The old proverb is good and still effective: An Ounce of prevention is worth than a pound of cure, or prevention acts are better than curing acts. The world must be strict in preventions. Everybody must pay attention to preventions.

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