Israel Excellence in Vaccination

by Hali

Humankind faces Corona Virus in many ways. One of them is by vaccination. Many countries rely on vaccination to win in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Nevertheless, vaccination is not the only way. There are many other ways. Preventive acts are more important than cure. The most important is we must be strict in healthy protocols.

Indonesia already started in vaccination programme in January this year. Some countries in Europe also started but they had some problems with a side effect. The USA move fastly in vaccination. But, more than 130 countries have not started vaccination at all until now.

In the vaccination programme, Israel is most important for us to know. How did they do and what do they think? Let us search for it!

Israel puts vaccination programme in priority. They did it early and fastly. In Mid April, Israel already achieved herd immunity.

Data from Israel inform us. More than 50% of Israel population have been vaccinated twice. They only rely on Pfizer Biotech. This means they don’t buy other brands of vaccines.

There have been more than 5.3 millions peoples vaccinated twice in Israel. This figure is also added to the number of people who have previously tested positive for Corona as many as 830.000 peoples. These peoples who have recovered will no longer need to receive vaccinations. If the two number are added up, it is already around 68% of the population of Israel has immunity in their bodies.

This achievement is classified as extraordinary. Why is it said that? Because, the diseases caused by Covid-19, herd immunity is reached when it is at 65% to 70%. Israel has achieved it. Thus, Israel is the first country to have achieved herd immunity. So Great!

Other countries that have not achieved herd immunity need not be discouraged. Countries that have not started vaccination programme do not need to be inferior at all. Apart from the vaccination programme, there are many other ways to fight Corona Pandemic.

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3 tanggapan untuk “Israel Excellence in Vaccination”

  1. israel hebat sekali ya


  2. negara lain bisa belejar sesuatu, tapi belum bentu pakai cara vaksin


  3. Mantap


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